End Menstruation Estigma

End Menstruation Estigma

In Surya Nandini Foundation, We recognized that many girls and women in their community were facing a significant challenge: they did not have access to sanitary pads. This was particularly true for those who lived in poverty or in remote areas where resources were scarce. We decided to launch a program to provide free sanitary pads to girls and women who needed them by using  a portion of our revenue to empower girls and women by providing them access to hygiene products. This initiative can make a huge impact on their lives by promoting their health, education, and dignity.
By using our business revenue to support this cause, we can contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future for girls and women. It is not only the right thing to do, but it also creates a positive impact on our business by building a strong reputation and a loyal customer base that values social responsibility.

To begin the program, we will  contact local organizations that were already working to support girls and women. We will meet with representatives from these organizations to learn more about the specific needs of the community and to understand how they could work together to make a real impact and to spread this awareness worldwide.

And from that, we plan to distribute the sanitary pads through schools, health clinics, and community centers. We  also connect with local leaders to raise awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene and to reduce the stigma around menstruation.

"Empowering Girls and Women: Using Business Revenue to Provide Access to Hygiene Products like Sanitary Pads"

In the end, this way we hope to  help thousands of girls and women access the hygiene products they needed to stay healthy and continue with their education and daily activities. They knew that their efforts had made a real difference in the lives of those they had helped, and they were grateful for the opportunity to give back to their community in such a meaningful way.