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Salicylic + LHA Face Wash

Salicylic + LHA Face Wash

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Cutting Edge formulation, Functional actives, High Efficiency Ingredients. if you have sensitive skin, use only once a day. This is a mild sulfate-free cleanser and while it provides ample cleansing. It may not foam as much as a sulfate – based cleanser.




Deep cleanse you face and fight those acne-causing bacteria & germs. This product has a combination of both glycolic and salicylic acids to help exfoliate the acne-prone skin and reveal a more youthful appearance. Our unique formulation helps to maintain the PH balance of the skin, which is very important to reduce further inflammation.

Benefits: BHA reduces sebum secretion and regulates oil production to keep acne away. AHA exfoliates the outer skin layer and makes your skin look brighter and younger , Aloe vera to give your skin deeper hydration.

How to use: take a small amount of foaming Face Wash on your palm. Rub your palms with the face wash to obtain a rich lather. gently massage onto your face . Rinse off thoroughly & use twice daily for effective results.


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