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Under Eye Cream

Under Eye Cream

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  • Before using do patch test.
  • All images shown are for illustration only
  • Actual results may vary
  • Store at cool and dry place.


Firming under eye cream is optimized for the dedicate skin around the eyes and works great for combination, dry/dehydrated. normal, and oily skin types.
Visibly brightens , firms and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eye area ( thinner, quicker to show signs of aging)
Directions: Using your ring or middle finger around the orbital area, morning and night. Avoid direct contact with.Hint -feel free to re-aply throughout the day for additional hydration. Because the formula is translucent and quick to absorb, you can even apply it over makeup.
Ingredients: Aqua, 1-3 Propanediol, Cetearyl Octanoate, Cetearyl alcohol, Bellis Perennis Flower extract, Hieracium Glycol Dihptanoate, Caprylic T riglyceride, Glycerine, Butylene glycol, Carbomer,fragrance.

How to use: 1st step: Wash your first. No matter what time of the day you apply the face cream, you need to wash your face .
2nd step:Application on damp skin.Always apply your face cream on damp skin.
3rd step: Use small quantities.
4th step: Dab it smooth.


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